1/6 is a publication that gives an uncomfortable insight into the reality that victims of sexual assault face in society. The texts used are sexual assault statistics and excerpts from the memoir Know My Name by Channel Miller.
This publication is meant to draw in the viewer with its bright color and bold headlines. This system was carefully chosen to mimic how sexual assault infographics display horrific information in a more aesthetically pleasing manner for the audience. The excerpts from “Know My Name” are forced to the outside of the page only to fit within a small, confined space. This design system was used to portray how society treats victims of sexual assault, shaming them for an act that they did not wish onto themselves. 

This juxtaposition is meant to make the viewer distressed and rethink ways on how they can change society’s viewpoint on survivors and how to help those in need.
These are the marketing materials for the 1/6 campaign.