every student is an informational campaign advocating to implement and improve mental health education in middle schools in rural communities. This campaign's mission is to bring awareness to the community to understand as to why all students should be taught this topic.
In middle schools, students are not as exposed to mental health education. If there is some type of education that they are exposed to, the learning is minimal. 
The mission of this project is to implement mental health education for every student in middle schools in rural communities. It is extremely important to this brand that every single student in the middle school is offered the same mental health education as their peers. This equal education means that all students can understand the depth of mental health and mental illnesses.
This campaign accomplishes this its mission by providing information about the lack of mental health care resources that are available in the community as well as what is necessary during the development of adolescence. The tone of the campaign is informational with a sense of urgency. There is meant to be a kind of in-your-face attitude on this topic while still maintaining professionalism.
The target audience is the middle school’s school board. School board members would be the ones that would be voting on an increase of mental health education in the school and allocating the funds to do so.
This process book is filled with research to support the project's missions and design executions.
This poster series was created to grab the attention of the viewer and draw them in. These posters would be hung in real-life settings within a rural community like bulletin boards in gas stations, libraries, grocery stores, etc. Their bright colors and urgent messaging is to communicate with the viewer that the mission of mental health literacy for all middle school students in rural school districts is crucial.