Kaden Apparel is a women's mountain biking apparel brand dedicated to creating high-quality ladies specific bike clothing, that is both functional and fashionable. The content created for this client focused on a digital marketing strategy that provided Kaden Apparel with templates and guidelines that could be used through organic marketing through their online presence. 
I wanted to focus the brand story to its origins, which is Chelsea. I believe that consumers would be very attracted to Kaden if they were more aware of how it was first started and by who- someone that is active in the sport. Along with this, I think it is also important to emphasize the empowerment that women can feel through this sport and how it creates a community of female riders.
This week shows different content that Chelsea would be posting and sending- social media posts and emails that would lead up to an event, a group ride, which she could then post about how it went later in the month.
The next focus is the language that could be used. “by badass women, for badass women” and “By Chelsea, for you” are little pieces of language, but they make the message so strong. This language would be used for social media posts and for the emails.
By baddass women,
For badass women.

By Chelsea,
For you.

By women who mountain bike,
For women that mountain bike.
For social media posts, I focused specifically on Instagram. Posting on Instagram organically is a great way for reaching people organically. For Kaden’s posts specifically, they would be pictures of group rides along with this specific language. Just a single post would tell a user that isn’t familiar with the brand what your’e all about. 
Email marketing is the final piece of the strategy that I focused on. Email is a great way to interact and inform existing customers what’s new with Kaden. With these examples, the information and design is direct with a clear call to action. It reinforces this female and owner focused language.