Shelburne Museum is an unparalleled and unique experience of American history, art, and design. Through its 39 eclectic buildings, it exhibits more than 150,000 beautiful, fascinating, and whimsical objects. For a class project, partnering with fellow designer Zoe Moss, we created an app and a digital marketing campaign that would highlight the museum's unique experience. 
How will the Shelburne Museum increase the number of people returning to the museum after their initial visit?
How will the Shelburne Museum increase the demand
for memberships?
These are the questions Zoe and I created to solve related to the the business problems that we found through extensive research. These questions serve to answer the business problems of lack of demand and retention.
We found that the approach we needed to take to solve the business problems was to create an unique concept for our design solution.
A new, personalized, and unique experience with every visit to Shelburne Museum.
The first part of this project was to create the digital marketing campaign. This campaign was created to promote the project’s main focus, the app, and to also encourage visitors to the museum. This would be done in a strategic way, focusing on targeting through paid social media ads and as well with emails, by collecting emails from the app.
All the ads that would be on Facebook and Instagram would feature a phone with a page from the app on the screen with the background being within somewhere in the museum. This gives the new app context for the viewer and make the connection stronger between the physical museum experience and the experience someone could have at the museum when using the app.
Emails could be used to promote the app with preexisting museum members. Theres a clear call to action with the download button.
These emails are one's that someone would receive after creating an account on the app.
This email would be sent to someone with the app, after collecting their email. If someone wanted to purchase tickets to an event held at the Shelburne Museum, they would press the call to action which would then bring them to the app to purchase the tickets within the events feature.